About Shot


This summer, the first beach volleyball association in Delft will be set up: Delftse Studenten Beachvolleybal Vereniging “Shot”. D.S.B.V “Shot” will organise training sessions, the Delft Beach Competition (DBC), tournaments and other (beach volleyball) activities for students in Delft. Shot is originated from Punch Volleybal. Therefore, we already have some years experience with offering beach volleyball activities in Delft but from now on we will do so as a separate association. This means we are very ambitious to improve our activities, moreover there is a lot of space for new ideas of our members!

Signing up for Shot is without obligations and suitable for all kinds of beach volleyball players. You can decide yourself whether you want to train the whole year round or for example only in summer. Moreover groups are divided based on skill lever, therefore both beginners and more experienced beach volleyball players are welcome!

Signing up

If you want to play beach volleyball in Delft the upcoming year, you can become a member of D.S.B.V “Shot”. The contribution will be €10 per year and the membership can be discontinued yearly. What has a membership of D.S.B.V “Shot” to offer?

  • You can sign up for the training sessions (both indoor and outdoor).
  • For the DBC you will be covered by the regulation for associations.*
  • You are allowed to come to activities organised by D.S.B.V. “Shot”.
  • You will be part of the beach volleyball community in Delft.

Signing up for D.S.B.V. “Shot” is possible on our website via the sign-up page. If you want to play beach volleyball at Shot in the summer, you have to sign-up before March 1st!


The upcoming year, we will organise a wide variety of activities. The main part of our activities consists of trainings, which we provide all year round. First a short series of 4 weeks outdoor training. These trainings take place at Thursday evening at the beach fields of X from September 19th till October 10th. Next a series of 10 weeks indoor training. These trainings will take place at Thursday evenings from October 17th till December 19th at the fields of La Playa in Rijswijk.

This will be followed by another 10 weeks of indoor training from February 13th till April 16th. Next we can train outside again! From April 20th till June 29th we have another 10 weeks of outdoor training at the beach fields of X.

In addition to all the trainings, we also organise a competition from May till July. This is in cooperation with 2 other volleyball associations in Delft. Moreover we organise a few tournaments and clinics in which you can participate.

Apart from beach volleyball activities, we will also organise a few different activities. These are meant to get to know your beach partners and other Shot members better!

At the page agenda you can find an overview of the planned activities and when they will take place.


Because Shot is a new association, the amount of activities apart from the beach volleyball activities will not be very extensive in the upcoming year. However, we understand you want to have some more fun next to playing beach volleyball. To provide this, we introduced the sandmembership at Punch Volleyball. For €30 per year you can participate in all activities of Punch (except for trainings and the competion). You can then join the memberweekend, the gala, parties and the weekly drink at “het Pand”.

If you are already planning to play volleyball at Punch, this membership is not relevant for you. Moreover, if you only want to play beach volleyball and don’t want to participate in other activities at Punch, this membership is also not relevant for you. If you have questions regarding the sandmembership, or if you want to sign up as sandmember, you should contact the board of Shot, they can explain how this works. To become a sandmember it is mandatory to be a member of Shot and to participate in at least one series of trainings organised by Shot.


Do you have any questions? You can always contact us by sending an email to beach@punch.tudelft.nl.

* Previous years, the DBC was organised by Punch, Kratos and Delta. The spots were distributed between these three associations and external participants. From all spots 45% was for Punch,  22.5% for Kratos, 22.5% for Delta and 10% for externals. Next year, the DBC will be organised in the same way, but by Shot instead of Punch. This means that 45% of the spots is reserved for members of Shot. Are you only a member of Punch and not of Shot, then you can still sign up for the DBC, however the chance you can participate will be lower.