Delft Beach Competition

‘The Delft Beach Competition’ is a ladder competition organized by three (beach)volleyball associations in Delft: Shot, Delta and Kratos. In this competition, you can play in pairs for six weeks long against other pairs of your level. This year (2021) due to the coronavirus the Delft beach competition was canceled. Hopefully next year we will be able to show off our skills again.

For the competition, all teams will be divided in groups of five teams. On a competition night, you play one set against each team from your group, so every team will play four sets an evening. This makes sure that the rank order of each group is decided at the end of the night.

In every round, the best two and last two of the teams are promoted or relegated respectively. The next round will be played with the new groups. Every week, you get points based on your results, which add up to form an overall ranking at the end of the competition. You’ll play at Kratos, Delta, or X, depending on the week. This way, everyone can play at his or her ‘home base’.

For a more extensive explanation, the grouping and the schedule, have a look click below:

2021 Alternative internal competition – Lubach League

In 2021, an alternative competition was set up by the Zandwacht to replace the DBC for this year only, which was an internal competition within Shot. This competition has now ended.