Beach and Trainer clinic

On the 7th of November two clinics were given by Victor Anfiloff, the former National Beachvolleyball Coach to our members. We hope you enjoyed the clinics and want to thank Victor Anfiloff for all the good advices he gave us! If you participated to the beach clinic and still haven’t paid here’s where to do[…]

Third board of Shot

On the 5th of October, the 2nd board of Shot had their farewell and gave their seats to the now 3rd board of Shot during the General Member Assembly. As the board of Shot for the year 2021-2022, we would like to thank you for putting your trust in us for the upcoming academic year.

King of the Court

On the 16th of October, Shot organised a King of the Court tournament which was a great success! 16 teams of Shotters took part in it and we got 4 winning teams! Congratulations to Emmannuelle, Frank, Max, Anya, Jonas, Kika and Bas! If you participated to this tournament and still haven’t paid for your team[…]