Indoor Training

Every year we organize 2 series of 10 indoor trainings. One of the series takes place in the fall (October – December) and the other one takes place in the Spring (February -A pril).

The next series of trainings will take place in the spring from October 15 till December 17. The trainings will be between 19:30 and 22:30. The price of the trainings for this year is not known as of yet.

After registration, you get one training of 1,5 hours per week. Your trainers will be enthusiastic beachers from Shot and for the highest groups an external trainers will provide training. The trainings will not take place at the sportcentre of the TU Delft, therefore it is not necessary to buy a sportscard of the TU Delft to participate in these trainings.

Between April and October, we are also organising two outdoor training series at X. All information for this can be found on the page outdoor training